On the plane...

  • Wednesday 06 April 2005 22:42
  • 1 minute read

In the plane

So, it’s not even 11 PM, New York time. I’ve made a few attempts at sleep. Perhaps I got a cat nap or two. But, not really.

The prospect of spending over 7 hours in an economy-class seat is not a happy one. But, this being an international flight, at least it is far more civilized than the domestic variety. Metal flatware with dinner, for one. It seems that KLM realizes that, in the grand scheme of things, the security risk of a butter knife is not too great. Also, the offer of an after dinner aperitif.

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m going to be awake. So, I guess I’ll be hitting the book in a second. I’ll probably end up finishing it before we land. I’m reading Idoru. Funny thing is, last flight I was on I was reading Neuromancer. I guess William Gibson is my in-flight entertainment. I have a copy of Pattern Recognition at home; I wonder if that means I’ll be on another plane soon.