At least I have portable music again.

  • Friday 27 January 2006 18:50
  • 1 minute read

I have done many truly stupid things in my life.

I have taken the first swing at someone who was way bigger than me. I have run in front of moving vehicles. I have drank to excess to such a point that death would have been a welcome relief - and probably not that far off.

But, I think I just topped them all today: I went to the Genius Bar at the Apple store in SOHO on a Friday evening. What the fuck was I thinking?

My appointment was for 4:30 PM. I just got home, and it is now 6:45 PM. But, last night, when my iPod started making ‘clicky-clicky’ noises and the sound stopped coming out of it, I knew what must be done. I had to sacrifice my time to Steve, so his all powerful Geniuses would give me new (ok, refurb’ed) toys to play with. And they did. Thank you, Steve.

Even better was that I had less than a month of service left on it. Sometimes, the extended warranty actually pays off…