Joe Jackson @ Town Hall

  • Friday 30 June 2006 00:39
  • 2 minute read

As you can see, my seat was as far over as possible. Thank god it wasn’t Polyphonic Spree: I’d only have seen a quarter of the band…

I have seen Joe Jackson perform three times in as many years, and I hope this trend continues. He is fucking awesome.

Maybe because he’s formally trained as a composer, maybe it’s just how his brain is wired, but this man writes the most consistently beautiful music I have ever heard. And I am always touched by his lyrics as well - this man has a good handle on our emotional landscape, and is also a keen observer of the human condition.

In addition, his newest songs are just as good as the oldest ones. Different, more mature, less angry, but just as good. And, this man can rock. Even as a three piece, when they ripped into One More Time, the hairs on your arms stood up. Damn.

Oh, and one more thing: there’s yet another reason that I love Joe Jackson, and it has to do with smoking: I don’t smoke now (I quit very recently), but I still think it’s a dumbass move to ban people from smoking in bars.

I read a NY Times Op-Ed by Joe Jackson on the subject. It was a measured, intelligent response to something he (and I) felt was a bonehead, ‘We’re doing this for your own good’ decision. Well, he’s written a more lengthy essay on the demonization of smoking. It’s a good read, no matter what your position is on the issue, and it talks to a lot more than just smoking, really.