My dog thinks she's Brian Boitano

  • Tuesday 17 January 2006 07:46
  • 1 minute read

If you recall, in a previous episode, the big rug went out to be cleaned. It has returned.

And, unfortunately, the pee smell remains. I was warned that this could happen - I figured I’d take the chance. Oh, well. Excrement 1, Mark 0.

So, I actually have more area rugs in storage. I need to make some arrangements to get them (like a friend with a car), so in the mean time, the majority of my living room is bare wood.

Dagmar, the wonder dog, has really soft pads on her feet. And, a good deal of fur. Let’s just say she stays on the carpet as much as she can. When she forgets, and say, chases the cat onto the floor, she is transformed into a graceful figure skater. Well, not that graceful.


I guess this is my payback to her for pissing on the rug in the first place.