Hulk Smash. Urhgh!

  • Monday 09 January 2006 08:34
  • 2 minute read

Mark’s mood lately has been, shall we say, crapulent (no pun intended).

The beginning of the weekend was no exception. My hyper-sensitive brain was always picking up an ammonia smell, and I’d get pissed off and depressed.

But then, all of a sudden, the correct neurons fired, or something. I stopped wallowing, and began to take action. The plan was to take up the rug, so I could send it out to be cleaned.

This necessitated moving some big furniture - like my TV cabinet. Which got me to thinking… I had considered taking the shelf unit off the TV cabinet, and perhaps adding casters to the bottom, so it’d be easy to move the TV around…

Actually, I had designs on moving just about every piece of furniture in my apartment. And that’s what I did over the weekend. Moved. Every. Piece. Of. Furniture. I can safely skip the gym this week, thank you very much.

The place is a mess, because (a) everything is no longer in its proper place, since said proper place is no longer obvious, and (b) I really can’t finish until I can put the rug down again.

And, I started to feel like I was getting a cold late Friday night. I just blew through that all weekend as I was muscling heavy pieces of wood around, so I woke up this morning sick as a dog. But, all that’s OK, because it feels really good walking through the apartment now.

You know why? Feng Shui, Bitches!

I’m going back to bed now.